Protected Bay

Plenty of space for evening parties
– and large boats

Stora Rullingen's dock is West facing, meaning the quay receives sunlight up to around 11 pm in June. It also provides plenty of space for docking large boats, with a sailboat depth of 3–4 metres. The quay measures 50 metres in length, and was built in 2008.

Approximately 350 square metres of
redwood decking

The protected location – combined with the quay's generous dimensions – make it an ideal place for private parties and outdoor dining. If you want to set a table for a large number of guests, there will still be plenty of room. Another advantage is that you can go for a swim in Lake Mälaren – where the water reaches up to 26° C in the summer. It is also the departure point for fishing trips in your own fishing waters – or a boat ride out to the lake's thousand or so islands and Stockholm's stunning archipelago, where you can land to discover thousands of uninhabited islands filled with natural beauty (Swedish law prohibits construction on all of the uninhabited islands found in Stockholm's archipelago and Lake Mälaren).

Private ferry for up to 12 people
and 10 tons of cargo

The property has a small, newly built ferry. It blends in well with the environment, with its outer layer of wood and glass, which matches the buildings. The cabin accommodates 12. The cargo capacity is 10 tons. The ferry is simple to steer and can be operated by anyone (no specific licence is needed). There is even a dry berth for the ferry.

Thorough functionality

There is a small, open garage for smaller vehicles at the back of the quay. It is well provisioned with electrical sockets for your own, and your guests', boats. There is a small gravel path leading from the quay to the villa, hunting lodge and stables, which are all about 100 metres up the island, situated slightly higher up. The bay even features a floating plate and cement lay-by for the island's ferry. The bay – like all of Stora Rullingen's engineering projects – is designed to be easily accessible to wheelchairs and individuals with other mobility disabilities.

To download a brochure about Lake Mälaren, click here (the text is in both English and Swedish).

Facts about Mälaren

Lake Mälaren – one of Europe's largest lakes
Lake Mälaren is 120 km long and 65 km wide, with a very long coastline. The average depth is around 13 metres, and over 75 metres at its deepest point. Lake Mälaren is well known for its clean waters, with Stockholm, Strängnäs, Södertälje and Västerås, among others, using the lake for potable water. The lake is also home to a variety of species of edible fish, including zander, perch, pike, salmon and rainbow trout.