Stables & machine shop

Beautiful riding and walking paths ­with fine pasture land

Stora Rullingen is the perfect island for horse owners. It provides around 25,000 square metres of knotless lawns, fine pasture land and pleasant riding paths along both natural terrain and man-made paths. It is even possible to ride comfortably up to Stora Rullingen's higher regions, where you can enjoy panoramic views over the lake and nearby islands.

Three stalls, a machine room and staff quarters

The property's stables and machine shop measure 30 metres in length and 10 metres in width. The building contains an office and a small, but comfortable, staff quarter that can be used year round, as well as three modern and spacious stalls, a saddling room and feed room. The machine room provides plenty of space for storing all of the facility's mechanical equipment. The sizeable meadow lies directly next to the stables and beyond that are our beautiful Highland cattle, which also help to keep the brushwood out of the forest.

Built using the island's thick logs – matching the villa and hunting lodge

The facade of the stables and machine shop is in thick sawn lumber, taken from the island's trees, and matches both villa and hunting lodge. The house is well insulated and is heated with a heat pump. It is connected to the water and sewage networks. Built in 2009.


300 square metres
Three spacious stalls
Feed room
Machine room
Staff quarter
Heat pump
Shower and toilet