Viking island Stora Rullingen

– a historic oasis in the heart of Scandinavia

The Stora Rullingen 1:3 property provides a private and secluded getaway set in a fantastic environment. The secluded villa, hunting lodge and stables are located on the main island and surrounded by a lawn measuring approximately 25,000 m3. There, you can land your private prop airplane, do some riding or practice your golf swing.

100 metres from the villa is the private, protected bay, which features a 50 metres quay that provides plenty of space for your own, and your friends', boats. There, you will also be able to swim in the Mälaren, do some fishing in your own private fishing waters or take a boat ride out to Stockholm's stunning archipelago.

The property even has a historical 11th century Viking stronghold, a dramatic landscape with 30 metres high rocks rising out of the lake and covering about a fifth of the island's surface. Stora Rullingen is a nesting ground for White-tailed Sea Eagles, Ospreys and Brown Harrier Eagles. The island boasts a variety of wildlife, such as deer, hares and beavers. Even elks can be seen on occasion.

Stora Rullingen is also unique due to its central location. Stockholm, the Capital of Scandinavia, is about an hour away by boat or car. Strängnäs airport lies only 30 km from the island, with three international airports within a 60–90 km radius. You can get to the mainland by boat in only two minutes. If you want to get to central Strängnäs the boat ride will take about 10 minutes.

1 hour's boat ride to Stockholm City
Close to 3 international airports